Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cute Thanksgiving Break Outfits

Whenever I think of Thanksgiving I think of cozy sweaters, lots of scarves, and adorable and fun fall fashion! Isn't it fun to be a woman? *smiles* It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is coming up in just a few short weeks and today we thought it would be fun to share some cute Thanksgiving Break outfits!
No matter if you have plans to relax with family, watch football, meet friends for coffee, or volunteer in your community these outfits are adorably cute and fun.
What are your favorite things to wear over Thanksgiving break?

P.S.- We are looking for pictures of your favorite Christmas outfits for an upcoming post! If you would like to submit a picture send us an email at:!

Happy Thurday y'all!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Prayer for the Election 2016

photo: Rebecca VanDeMark

While many in our community can't vote today due to age, we don't want to let this day go by without spending time to pray. Prayer- no matter our age and no matter our backgrounds is the foundation of our community and our hope for this country. We ask you to join us in praying for our country, those who are running for office, and those who are voting. May our God bless America. 

PS- Would you like to read a detailed prayer that our founder, Rebecca, wrote on her personal blog for today? Please click HERE to be taken to her post: A Prayer for Election Day 2016 and Beyond.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Question: how often do you compare your life with the lives of those around you?

   Comparison is common. I think it comes as naturally to us as breathing sometimes. Our jobs, education, finances, personalities, talents and abilities, callings, families, looks, experiences…

You name it, we’ve probably compared it.

   Galatians chapter 6, verses 4 and 5 speak to this topic, and I think it’s worth noting:
“Each person should judge his own actions and not compare himself with others. Then he can be proud for what he himself has done. Each person must be responsible for himself.”

   So basically, Scripture doesn’t speak of comparison in a positive light. Why do you think that is?

   I have a few ideas…

   First, when I compare myself with someone, and I feel that I come out lacking as a result, it causes insecurity and envy within me. I start thinking that, “Man, I just don’t have as exciting of a life and this person”, or, “that person is just so talented compared to me.” And so on. Before long, I find myself unhappy with myself and my life. Then comes jealousy. When we are unhappy with our own lives, we look to others and crave theirs. We all know that one of the 10 Commandments is “thou shalt not covet.”

The first result of comparison isn’t a good one.

   Second, comparing ourselves with others can lead to pride. Obviously if you think your life is better than someone else’s (because you have a higher GPA, a more stable family, better finances, etc.) it’s going lead to arrogance. I’ve noticed that even in the church, we can have a kind of spiritual arrogance that can crop up. I don’t know about you, but I’ve come across several “holier than thou” individuals in my lifetime. Even worse, I’ve been one at times. It’s so easy when you’ve grown up in the church to get up on your high horse and think that because you’re doing all of the “right things”, you’re better than those who are new to this whole Christianity thing, and especially those who aren’t believers at all.

   Scripture has something to say to this. Romans12:3 says, “For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.”

   We have to pause and remember who we were before Christ entered our lives, and think of where we would be without Him now. We are no better than anyone else. 2 Corinthians 10:17 instructs, "If you want to boast, boast only about the LORD.” In other words, any holiness in our lives is not us; it’s all Him. The next time you start thinking you're better than someone else, I urge you to remember that we are all broken and sinful people who must rely on the Lord for our next breath, let alone any good things flowing out of us. None of us is any better or more righteous than the other.

   Finally, when we compare, we often compare things in our lives that don’t truly matter in light of Eternity. The whole purpose for us being on earth is to live for Eternity and build God’s Kingdom here. The point of our lives isn’t to ONLY get a degree, make money, have a family, and have nice things. It’s about serving God and sharing Him with others. So if we aren’t careful, we’ll find ourselves focusing on chasing something that is only temporal and won’t matter for eternity. That is dangerous. Instead of allowing ourselves to be distracted in this way, we must keep our eyes on things above (Colossians 3:2).

   When we are faced with the temptation to compare ourselves with other people, may we stop and remember that no good flows out of it. Let us instead give our time and energy to things that will bring good into this world. I encourage you to pray each time you are faced with this temptation, just as I will exhort myself to do the same.

May God grant us grace to honor Him in this way!
We are so honored and humbled to have Ali back for another year as a blog writer. Last year, her posts, "Can We Stop the Lies?" and "Owning an Imperfect Life" were some of the most highly read posts. We so appreciate you Ali and are so thankful for you and all of our blog writers time and dedication! If you would like to connect more with any of our blog team you can do so HERE

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Monthly Scripture Memory Program: October & November (Exodus 9:16)

Happy (belated) October y'all!! We hope that your month has started out wonderfully and that the Lord is blessing your Autumn season abundantly! 

As we shared last year, one of the heartbeats of Grace Engaged is the scripture memory program that we hope y'all will join in with each month! Each school year we will be picking one "theme" to look at in scripture. Last year our theme was "grace" and this year we have chosen "purpose". For the month of September we memorized a portion of one of my favorite verses- Psalm 138:8 and for the months of October and November we are memorizing Exodus 9:16: 

“But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth”.

What a beautiful verse to ponder and think about as we continue this school year. A year filled with unknowns and unexpected things ahead. A year that will be filled with highs and some lows and a year that we have an opportunity to fall more in love with the Lord and to share that love and grace to each person we encounter. A year also to remember that the Lord shows His power and that His name can be proclaimed throughout the earth as we share the grace of Him. God has amazing things in store for you and you have a unique purpose that He has created you for. 

Throughout this month of October, let us memorize this verse and imprint it on our hearts. Let's pray for the Lord's guidance to show us what purpose He has in store for this year and in each of our lives. We are so excited to continue to connect here with you! We are cheering you on and praying for you! 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Anxiety during Senior Year

Two months into my senior year of college, I am having some serious flashbacks to how
I felt my senior year of high school. The future seems so demanding and I can’t even
think about what I am going to eat for lunch tomorrow without getting stressed. I
immediately turn to calendars and planning out each day down to the minute to try and
find some sort of stability in a phase of such uncertainty.

In some of the more anxiety-filled moments, I love listening to the song “Captain” by
Hillsong United. Part of the chorus says:

Like the stars Your Word will align my voyage,
And remind me where I’ve been and where I am going
Lost in the shallows amidst fear and fog,
Your truth is the compass that points me back north”

These lyrics remind us that the Lord has a plan for our future even when all we see in
front of us is fog and confusion. The song echos Proverbs 3:5-6 promising that God can
be trusted even when we can’t make sense of the situation. As an added bonus, He directs
us through the future as we remain focused on Him.

I wish I could tell you exactly what next year holds for you and what your life will look
like in 5 years, but there is so much beauty found in taking each day boldly, trusting that
your future will work out just fine- not because of incessant planning, but because you
are the daughter of a Father who delights in laying the path before you.
This post was originally written by Jordan and published in 2015 and remains one of our highest read posts. Today we wanted to re-post this for all of our senior ladies who may be struggling with anxiety during this time of the year. We love you and are praying for you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Renewing Hope Conference (Georgia)

The Renewing Hope Conference will take place Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell from 8-5pm. The cost is $25 per person. We invite middle/high school aged girls and their care takers to join us for the fun event meant to equip everyone with tools and resources. We will be addressing eating disorders, sexual addiction, pornography addiction, self-harm, depression, coping as a non-Christian/Christian girl with these issues, merging back into life after inpatient care, internet safety, making healthy friend choices, making peace with food, and as well as many other topics. Both the girl and adult chat groups will be led by licensed Christian therapists from our local area who specialize in these topics so you are free to say and ask what you want! This is a one of a kind girl event so bring your friends and get empowered!

Want to find out more information? Check out the Facebook page for Renewing Hope Conference by clicking HERE.

Grace Engaged loves to encourage opportunities for high school women to gather locally. Please note that we are not endorsing these events in anyway but are simply bringing them to the attention of our community. Grace Engaged will only list events that share our statement of belief. For a complete listing of all local events please click HERE.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Asking "Why Me?" and Finding Hope

Hey friends, Have you guys even been through a hard trial in your life and think, "why me?" There is always the BIG "why me?" after anything goes wrong in your life. What we don't know is that while we are engaging in our pity party, God has a bigger plan. God teaches in mysterious ways and He gets us prepared to teach and shine His light by having us going through trials. 
Let's face it, who is going to want to listen to a Christian evangelize that has never had a single bad thing happen to them. You won't be able to be relate or even be able to sympathize. People listen to people who they can relate to and they can share how they overcame their struggles. They want to know how we are still positive after we have gone through such hard times, and that is when you can share the love of Jesus Christ! 
All my life I have been down on my learning disability and I have felt so alone as a child because no one else I knew had dyslexia. I would always ask God, "why me?" I absolutely hated the fact I had it. I still have times when I get really down on myself, but, for the most part, I am extremely thankful to God for allowing me to have it. Instead of looking at it as a bad thing I look at it with a positive mindset! I am the person I am today because of it and I have been able to encourage many people who struggle with school as well. Satan wants me to be down on myself but God wants me to be victorious, be a fighter, and an evangelist. When I was younger I would never think I would be saying I am thankful for God giving me dyslexia, but as I have grown up and have had more experiences I would not trade it for the world. Next time you get down on yourself or go through a tough time in your life, try to have a positive mindset about it and think of all the people who have also gone through the same thing. You can shine God's light too and show them how much God loves them!  Till next time