Thursday, September 8, 2016

Asking "Why Me?" and Finding Hope

Hey friends, Have you guys even been through a hard trial in your life and think, "why me?" There is always the BIG "why me?" after anything goes wrong in your life. What we don't know is that while we are engaging in our pity party, God has a bigger plan. God teaches in mysterious ways and He gets us prepared to teach and shine His light by having us going through trials. 
Let's face it, who is going to want to listen to a Christian evangelize that has never had a single bad thing happen to them. You won't be able to be relate or even be able to sympathize. People listen to people who they can relate to and they can share how they overcame their struggles. They want to know how we are still positive after we have gone through such hard times, and that is when you can share the love of Jesus Christ! 
All my life I have been down on my learning disability and I have felt so alone as a child because no one else I knew had dyslexia. I would always ask God, "why me?" I absolutely hated the fact I had it. I still have times when I get really down on myself, but, for the most part, I am extremely thankful to God for allowing me to have it. Instead of looking at it as a bad thing I look at it with a positive mindset! I am the person I am today because of it and I have been able to encourage many people who struggle with school as well. Satan wants me to be down on myself but God wants me to be victorious, be a fighter, and an evangelist. When I was younger I would never think I would be saying I am thankful for God giving me dyslexia, but as I have grown up and have had more experiences I would not trade it for the world. Next time you get down on yourself or go through a tough time in your life, try to have a positive mindset about it and think of all the people who have also gone through the same thing. You can shine God's light too and show them how much God loves them!  Till next time 


  1. Good for you, Erica! I am so thrilled to read your testimony.......Remembering your dedication and commitment in Spanish.....You make me smile :)
    Sra. Hanes

    1. Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment of encouragement for Erica! We will make sure to pass this on to her!
      Grace Engaged Team